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Fine Continent Sinca Company Limited

Fine Continent Sinca Company Limited was established in 1988. Its predecessor was the first overseas branch established by Mingzhou Xingye Co., Ltd. In 2015, in cooperation with Huzhou Shuanglin Trademark Belt Factory,Fine Continent Sinca Company Limited was established. It has several production bases in China's inland, providing customers with a wide range of trademark fabrics, including nylon, polyester, ribbon, polyester, cotton and pearlescent cloth, as well as hot-melt products, non-woven fabrics and A variety of options such as woven sidebands provide customers with a total solution for trademark fabrics.

At the same time, in order to improve product diversification and market demand, the company also established a bar code printer division in 1999, which operates bar code printers and consumables, and employs professionals to install, repair, maintain and answer various technical questions for customers. In order to provide faster and more efficient delivery services, we have set up warehouses and external professional delivery personnel. We also set up processing and slitting factories, which can provide different specifications and cutting services according to customer requirements.

In order to match the needs of different printing technologies, we combine fabric, chemical, coating, calendering, slitting and other processes, starting with the design of fabric structure and the development of coating resin formulations, in order to obtain excellent ink absorption in the printing process. And quick-drying characteristics, and to achieve international inspection standards such as washing water.

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Fine Continent Sinca Company Limited

Fine Continent Sinca Company Limited combined with advanced production technology, has developed a series of trademark fabric products with special functions such as flame retardant, abrasion resistance and self-adhesive properties. All products have undergone strict quality control and passed Oeko- A series of international qualifications such as TexStandard 100.

At present, we have a number of high-speed automated assembly lines, equipped with a full set of testing equipment laboratories, and a team of experienced research teams to respond quickly to market demands, meet customer needs and deliver on time; in quality control, product quality The control points are implemented at every step from yarn weaving to finished trademark fabrics, and finished product inspection before delivery to ensure product quality and performance.

We provide customers with timely sales services such as quick quotation and sampling. With complete production strength and professional business standards, as well as cherish their own brand credit, they have won the trust and recognition of well-known brand buyers in China and around the world.

Fine Continent Sinca Company Limited understands the importance of diversity and openness in the international market competition. Therefore, we use FCSCL (Hong Kong Office) as a sales center for local and overseas markets, and make Shuanglin a manufacturing market in the Chinese mainland. Sales center, in order to obtain a higher comprehensive cost advantage; at the same time, we are also actively engaged in the construction and development of overseas (Vietnam) distribution and distribution centers, and constantly looking for potential and reliable raw material suppliers, in order to provide customers with more Products and services that are more competitive and more competitive.

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Huzhou Shuanglin Texlabel Production Factory

Huzhou Shuanglin Texlabel production factory was founded in 1986.

Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, the transportation location has significant advantages.

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