Backpack belt manufacturers tell you the little knowledge of nylon webbing


The backpack belt is exquisitely crafted, and the world […]

The backpack belt is exquisitely crafted, and the world of webbing is colorful. According to different materials, it can be divided into many kinds. Among them, nylon webbing is a common one. It has a wide range of applications, quality is guaranteed, and excellent raw materials are selected as professional webbing manufacturers. The small series of backpack manufacturers bring you a little knowledge about nylon webbing.

Generally, the imported nylon webbing has a bright color and a good hand feeling. Whether it is dry or wet, its elasticity and wear resistance are good, it is not easy to shrink and it is not easy to fold and easy to wash. At present, it is widely used in dozens of fields such as casual fashion, maternity clothes, down jackets, sofas, gift wraps and decorations. It is the most commonly used webbing.

  Not only a wide range of applications, but also can be printed with a lot of jacquard, softening, etc., can also be printed according to the individual needs of customers to print different colors, patterns and so on. But the fly in the ointment is that its light resistance is not very good, the color will change under the constant light, and even the more unpleasant ammonia smell will appear. As long as the products are guaranteed to pass the national related certification, the general quality of clothes or other items are no problem, beautiful and comfortable.

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